Technical support

About the training

The airwok headquarters regularly holds engineer training. The main targets are agents, dealers, installers, and all interested clients or in-house staff training. Through learning and training courses, students can learn about the automation control of airwok system and provide better services for their customers. You can have a deep understanding of the installation and debugging of walker products. The training is taught by experienced lecturers who can learn about the theoretical knowledge of walker's products, installation and commissioning, and relevant industry knowledge.

Technology company

In the United States, we have established technical research and development centers to enhance the quality of products, including materials, including design, to continue to maintain industry-leading technology. Over the years, there have been a number of patents, including utility patents, patent patents, invention patents, etc.

At the same time, also has independent factories in xian, China, with new product research and development center in nanjing, continuous research and development in China's market and some other Asian countries to market products, but also for China's patent application.

We have also maintained good cooperation with some European countries and industry pioneers, through some technical exchanges, through some cross-licensing to keep our products moving forward. On top of that, we are constantly discovering new technologies that will allow us to focus more on a few shares and through some communication.

Technical communication

We are more advanced in technology communication, which is always the driving force of our development. If you have a better idea to communicate with us, you can email to

The engineer station

Our projects are spread all over the world. Provide the best solution for all kinds of customers to meet the requirements of the highest specification. We focus on automation control, fluid, new materials, sensors. Through some university LABS to get the verification, then better offer to the market.



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Maintaining our position as one of the world’s leading engineering companies requires technology leadership, global presence, application knowledge and strong local expertise. We create and support a comprehensive range of products, systems and services that increase energy efficiency, reliability and productivity for our industrial, utility and infrastructure customers.


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