Pneumatic control system

The solution used the Airwok brand


AIRWOK provides you with a variety of system solutions, compressed air reprocessing solutions. Pneumatic implementation control scheme; Anti-wall purge plan; Fluid system valve scheme; On-site control feedback scheme; On-site/remote solenoid valve control box scheme; Anti-clogging pipeline sewage scheme, etc.

For pneumatic control, is the use of compressed air as power source, due to out of the air compressor gas contains a lot of oil and water and dust, into the actuator devices, extremely easy to jam occurs and execute equipment corrosion. At this point, we need for compressed air purification treatment, for compressed air into the pipe after preliminary treatment, further after cooling, produce a large number of condensed water, and pipeline of secondary pollution, so the use period, we still need to add small filter or pressure regulating device, gas source to use at this time, and equipment are in need of all kinds of control, we provide the solution at the same time.

Precision filter series

Series of high-end models of air filters

Electromagnetic valve, cylinder

Blowdown series

Purge device, solenoid valve control box series

execute component

Fluid valve system

The solution used the Wstok brand


The valve is in the fluid system, is used to control the direction of the fluid, pressure, flow of the device is to make the piping and equipment within the medium (liquid, gas, powder) flow or stop and can control the flow of the device.

Valve (valve) is the control part in the fluid conveying system, which has the function of cutoff, adjustment, diversion, preventing reverse flow, steady pressure, shunt or overflow.

Needle valve series

Valve series

Ball valve series

Process valve (type Y globe valve)

Stainless steel card sleeve joint series

Quick connector

Control switch system

The solution used the Koswo brand


For switching elements, KOSWO offers several series of options for you to choose from.

KOSWO is based on the principle of quality first, serving as the first, quality first, reputation first, creating high-quality products.

The unique memory of the magnetic switch is our patented product, and its product breaks through the point corresponding induction, reaching a point of the opposite induction, especially suitable for bad non-precise occasions.

Position switch series

Flow meter series

Temperature components (thermocouple, thermal resistance)



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