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With his expertise and rich experience, he has received the approval and strong support from domestic and foreign industry clients.
We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to promote the development of the industry.
AIR, which is to insist on the professional, not to diversify, in the industry is the product innovation to the fundamental, continuously raises the product quality. WOK, for short, stick to the compressed air industry.
The gear symbol industry, we provide the perfect products and services to industrial customers.
The gears also symbolize precision, and we are growing up with a strict quality control.
The gear also symbolized the AIRWOK man step by step, step by step.

KOSWO's source: Control switch transliteration.
The design concept of the logo gives the K, the meaning of the switch, and the design of the switch wrench style. The Yin and Yang "O" means "open" or "turn off". Green symbolizes the vitality of the beginning.
In the design concept, there is no departure from the walker framework, there is a difference, and AIRWOK,


is an American imported product with reliable quality, high temperature resistance and high pressure. It is used in some key industries.
The design concept of logo is blue, and the material selection is as pure as the sea blue, and we strive to be perfect in the work, so that every product is the best.
In the design concept, with AIRWOK, KOSWO, the same series.


Airteer is one of our partners, and we have developed the electronic level water separator, which airteer has developed for the market. We are the sole distributor of this product. As a partner of our deep cooperation.




Airtret specializes in the development and production of various gas source processing devices in the automation system, as well as relevant control elements and actuating elements.

With the products, the spirit of perseverance and never give up to the customer, with superior quality, the company with competitive price and good service, to provide customers a series of high-end pneumatic components, is committed to promoting the development of Chinese fluid industry excellence.


Aircomp is our Italian partner in Europe, aircomp has a huge market in Europe, its material technology and automation control technology is the focus we introduced, our cooperation is not only a technology, at the same time also has a comprehensive cooperation in terms of market, our China agent for the sale of the aircomp products of the company.



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Maintaining our position as one of the world’s leading engineering companies requires technology leadership, global presence, application knowledge and strong local expertise. We create and support a comprehensive range of products, systems and services that increase energy efficiency, reliability and productivity for our industrial, utility and infrastructure customers.


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